Milliner and talent extraordinaire Evetta in Harlem New York http://www.harlemsheaven.com  is a joy to be with!  I first met Evetta in the New York’s Easter Sunday Bonnet Parade earlier in April 2018.  Evetta invited me to her shop in Harlem’s, it’s certainly a “place to be”.  Step inside her shop and what a feast of beatiful artistic creations. I learned from Evetta, the new saying is, “these hats are everything!!”  Agreed!

I’m in search of women 60+ for my project, WOMEN 60+ to share, to bring awareness, imagery and voice to this often under-served group. 

• Your Wisdom & Your Insight
• Your Aging & Your Beauty
• Your Joys & Your Sorrows
• Your SELF & Your ESSENCE
To be Photographed in a place where you feel most comfortable, most “at home” and most like yourself. Join me! 

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